Learn little about us in timeline form.

East Coast Beginnings

Peter David Norlander

Peter was born just north of New York City, then moved to Albany, New York at a young age. He grew up working as a ski instructor on weekends in the Adirondacks.

Monica Garcia Norlander

Born in Peru, Monica traveled to the U.S. with her mother to reunite with her father in California. Undocumented hopes after the American dream began.

South America to USA
Sita Sings the Blues

Bangalore Abroad

Peter lived in India for 2 years, at birth of the outsourcing phenomenon, working in human resources in the Information Technology sector.

Immigrant Rights Advocacy

From the National Immigration Law Center in Koreatown to the Institute of Politics at Harvard, Monica has advocated for migrant rights.

Los Angeles to Cambridge
Banana Slugs!

A Management Scholar in Silicon Valley

A PhD at the UCLA Anderson School of Management earned has opened many doors: A post-doctoral fellowship at UC Berkeley’s iSchool, which means weekend trips in the Redwoods.

“Easy on the people, hard on the process” – Wise lean people

Monica began learning about standard work, “doing the right work today,” rounding, communication, and more in the healthcare setting. This was a transformational experience and a gift that keeps on giving.

Bow to Your Sensei
The Academy

Research, Service, Teaching

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